Sennheiser HD650

For a while now I’ve been enjoying great sound from a few different headphones. The problem with great sound though is that every time you get better equipment in one area, it makes you want to upgrade in other areas. That’s been the result of my purchase of the HFI-680s and then, more-so, the Shure SE535 LEs.

I loved my Audio Technica ATH-AD900s, but it was time for them to find a loving new home and for me to return to Sennheiser, a brand I’d previously sworn off due to some poor experiences at the lower end of their range.

I was offered the HD650s by a good friend of mine who is very knowledgeable in the world of head-fi. In addition to the stock 650s, he also had an after market cable for them. The cable is custom-made with silver-plated copper. There are plenty of options available on eBay and from companies like Cardas and Toxic Cables. Custom cables will generally set you back a couple of hundred dollars on top of the cost of the headphones, but they are often worth the cost.

To read this review, please head over to the new Passion for Sound website. It’s sexier and there’s lots of great new content. Don’t worry, the link will take you straight to this article.

16 comments on “Sennheiser HD650

  1. i was impressed when you reviewed ath-ad900 and hoping you have something to say about the sennheiser hd 650.hands down there are no headphones $1000.00 below cant match the hd650 just for pure listening enjoyment and with the right equipment you will be rewarded with listening nirvana.cable upgrade is minimal and more so on your equipments.mostly i have high end tube headphone amps and and very much satisfied paired with my hd 650.recently i came across with my yamaha receiver rx-v 995 which i paid 1500.00 in 98 and can be fetch now for 400.00 or sennheiser hd 650 when paired with this receiver is nothing short of perfection without the cable upgrade.i find the hd 650 better than my audeze lcd2 in some genres considering lcd2 is twice as much.with the hd 650.i will discuss the soudstage .of the hd 650 later with you

    • Hi Alexander,

      Yes, the HD650s are something very special. They are unique in their ability to be so revealing and engaging and yet so relaxing to listen to.

      I find the upgraded cable really brings out the best of the 650s too and I look forward to receiving my Bottlehead Crack amplifier kit soon as it’s apparently an excellent match with the 650s. I’ll write a full review so stay tuned!

  2. i recommend trying yamaha rx-v995 and connect your cd output to the fiber optic input of the receiver.i think you will be extremely satisfied with the outcome.happy listening

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