Thinksound On1 On-Ear Headphones

Thinksound is a company that’s focussed on sustainable and environmentally conscious headphones. In fact, they even offer a recycling program for headphones with a bonus if you recycle their headphones, but I doubt you’ll be doing that any time soon with the On1s – you’ll be hanging on to these puppies with everything you’ve got!


Thinksound’s On1 headphone is a foldable, portable, closed, on-ear design that retails for roughly $350 (AUD). In Australia you can buy them from Noisy Motel. A big thank you to Billy from Noisy Motel for putting me onto these gems – they continue to amaze me every time I listen to them!

  • Frequency response:  5 – 22,000 Hz
  • Impedance:  50 ohms
  • Drivers:  40mm dynamic
  • Cables:  4.5 feet (2 equal length cable options with / without phone mic and remote)

At $350, the On1s are competing with some outstanding competition from the likes of AKG, Sennheiser, Beats, Kef, Focal, and various other brands, but they more than hold their own with their sound and offer something unique with their striking timber finish.

To read this review please head over to the new Passion for Sound site. It’s sexier and there’s lots of great new content coming soon.

4 comments on “Thinksound On1 On-Ear Headphones

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  2. Great review Lachlan,

    I fully accord with the things you’ve written about the On1. It just sounds so right and after few minutes you put them on, you get lost in the music… it’s wonderful
    I am using mine on the go in combination with my DX90 every day, excellent during the cold season. It’s not only warm and musical but at the same time it can be very transparrent, especially after I changed the stock cable with an aftermarket cable (silver + very small amount of gold), now that sound is reference-type in my opinion.

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