Shozy Alien Digital Audio Player

The Shozy Alien came to my attention a little while ago before it was released and I’ve been eagerly awaiting it ever since. The main reason for my excitement is that there have been a number of stripped-back, screenless players in the past (and present) that have excelled in sound quality because of their very simple designs – I was hoping the Alien would continue this trend, but at a much lower price.


Shozy AlienThe Alien is a well-priced (~$250 AUD), compact, screenless player that plays only WAV and FLAC files – no MP3, no AAC, just the two major lossless options. For some people that will be an instant turn-off, but others may realise that this dedication to limited formats means a possible emphasis on playing those formats flawlessly – that’s what I was hoping for.

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6 comments on “Shozy Alien Digital Audio Player

  1. Hey man. Just came across your blog through, of all things……small ear canals! Maybe you can help me out a bit. I recently decided to try some IEM’s for the first time, so I ordered three vastly different looking ones. The normal looking “bullet”, just stick it in your ear type…..not a chance that could ever stay in. Anyways, I found one that would stay in and it seemed comfortable enough, but when I started to play music it immediately started to hurt. I certainly can’t be positive about anything, but my only thought would be that maybe – and I’m completely assuming here – that soundwaves cause pressure, and with the speaker of the IEM lodged into my ear canal, the pressure of the sound causes it to hurt. Beleive me, I’m totally reaching here, lol! Have you ever heard of anyone experiencing this? Man, I REALLY want to be able to use IEM’s.

    • Hi Chris,
      It’s funny where random searches lead us!
      Sorry to hear about your ear troubles. Can I ask which IEM you had this trouble with?
      Some IEMs seal better than others and, from what I’ve read, it is possible to create pressure within the ear canal, but in most cases you shouldn’t experience significant discomfort if you’re listening at ‘normal’ volume levels.
      Tell me a bit more about the IEMs you’re using and the source you’re feeding them with and I’ll see if I can offer any advice.


      • Hey Lachlan…….Yeah, google certainly can be a trip! The three I ordered were these: VSonic GR7 Classic. Shure SE215. SoundMagic E10. I chose these based on the completely different ways they would fit in the ear, since I had never tried IEM’s before. The SoundMagic’s would have never stayed in my ear. The Shure’s actually had a slight factory defect in them, but I was atleast able to try them out and get a feel for them (to be honest I can’t really remember how these felt in my ear, but for some reason I couldn’t use these either). The VSonics were the only ones to stay in my ear – they’re big and chunky which helped to secure them to stay in place. Before I turned them on, they seemed comfortable with no pain. After a few minutes of playing music my inner ears started to ache. I’m playing everything through an iPod with 192-256 mp3’s, and atleast in this particular instance, I was playing them at a very moderate volume level. And just incase your wondering, I didn’t like the sound signatures on any of the three, they were all to bright. Ask away incase I missed something. Thanks man.

      • Hi Chris,
        Sorry for the slow response – I’ve been working on a new site here. Come and respond over there to make sure I get your response.
        It sounds like you might be hyper-sensitive to treble. I personally found the VSonics hard to listen to for any extended time for the same reason (assuming my guess is correct). Perhaps try going to a headphone store (you’d need to find a specialist headphone place like Jaben or Noisy Motel) and ask to try some warm sounding earphones. Something like the Audiofly AF140 or AF180 might work well for you too.
        Good luck and keep me informed over here.


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